Saturday, September 24, 2011

XBMC rip audio CD to mp3

Now my XBMC is up and running :

  • using wireless remote
  • all media on mounted USB share (Samba installed so I can access across home network eg configured as a NAS also)
  • using the Quartz skin currently
  • All music, video, movies, photos cataloged
We have loads of CDs in the attic not currently on the media drive, so i thought - 'let the ripping begin' ;-)

Strange however that XBMC baulked at ripping discs to .mp3 with the LAME encoder.

I have PuTTY set up so I can look around on a terminal level whilst XBMC is running, and also FileZilla to give me a nice GUI representation of the directories and files.

It seemed XBMC was creating the correct folder structure for my rip, but creating a 0 size file.

A fair amount (which is why I'm blogging this) of googling, and I found a reference to the fact that the native install of Ubuntu (which XBCM live runs on) does not have the lame endoer installed!

That'll be it then.

A quick sudo apt-get install lame at the terminal and....

...yeah - its ripping... :o))

(I say its ripping, and it is trying to.... me thinks need a less prehistoric DVD drive...:)

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