Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hmm, not put anything up here 4 a while...

Ok, a few things that I have done since last blogged:

• Migrated a few machines / laptops from Vista to XP.
• Found out the hard way NOT to use Vist 'Easy' transfer as XP cant import the files. Lol.
• Using Drive Image XML (freeware) now for imaging - it creates bootable image discs too. Looks good. Using the plugin for BartPE in my Bart boot disc...
• Looking for a good free duplicate file finder - the Molesoft one is great as it shows you image preview of duplicates it finds to help you decide on deleting them.
• Playing with Server 2008 and Windows 7 beta, which both look good.

• I'm hoping to start MCSE track from MCSA, and also CCNA/CCNP with a view to becoming an ethical hacker in the next 2-3 years ;)

• Want to get an apple mac mini to play with. (but avez non $)

• Oh yeah, fixed a few more residential pcs....