Monday, September 27, 2010

Sky+ remote codes

Our Sky+ remote went down this weekend, and whilst you can get basic functionality with the buttons on the front of the machine, it's a right pain and you can't really use Sky+ properly at all.

Luckily my dad had a spare new Sky+ HD remote, which I thought would work.

If you need to get a different type of remote to work with Sky, Sky+ or Sky HD. Here's how:

1 press the TV button
2 press and hold the Select and i buttons until the red light on the remote flashes twice
3 press the 1 button (0=Standard, 1=Sky+, 2=Sky HD)
4 press the Select button (the red light should flash twice, if it doesn't, your remote cannot control a Sky+ Digibox)
5 press the Sky button

There are also other 'reset' codes and TV codes, which are easily available on the web. But this was the one we needed to get our remote working with our Sky+.

Now for some soldering of the old remote...

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